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 Awesome Truggy is the SH Z Truggy and i have the only one in New Zealand

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PostSubject: Awesome Truggy is the SH Z Truggy and i have the only one in New Zealand   Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:06 am

Hi everyone this is just a bit of an update on the truggy i have here in New Zealand. went to a great event and had a really bad start to this event and ended up qualifying last due to transponder issues but then in the quarter finals once again another issue so started from the pits and ended up getting to 6th and catching the rest of them and would have made the semis but my clutch bearings for some reason completly disintigrated and that was the end of that.
anyway i have found what i belive is the ultimate setup for this truggy and its the best that it has ever gone drivability wise the thing is awesome and to power it i have a Nova rossi Toro Nero and man does it get up and go and it handles like a dream.I am so looking forward to more races with it with this setup and i think it will smoke those xray's and the rest and also i am getting better at getting it around the track.One Awesome Truggy.
The only thing that will stop me continuing with this truck is that no one in NZ stocks them and postage and exchange rates for us here makes everything quite expensive. only thing i have lefy to say about the truck is AWESOME.
As for the Buggy it is good but for an ole fellae its too twitcy and in the hands of experianced racers its probably fenominal and excellent .
Man That Truuggy is just soooooo good .OH forgot to say my truggy is the stck standard 2009 truggy .
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Awesome Truggy is the SH Z Truggy and i have the only one in New Zealand
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